Join us on our inaugural Mending Kids

Hike to Mend

A 5-mile hike symbolizing the distance that a parent in a developing country has to travel on foot to gain access to surgical care for their child. Walk just a few miles in their shoes and give support that warms hearts and changes lives.

*caveat that this is a family event and there are plenty of opportunities to turn back…

In Guatemala, parents journey miles and miles on foot and by bus, to transport their children to the Moore Center where we offer ENT and general pediatric surgeries. Sacrificing time away from work and from caring for the rest of their family, parents or sometimes siblings, willingly suffer hardship to get their loved ones to needed care. These are journeys of love.

In Tanzania, Shalom’s father saved three months for the $10 bus fare for him and his boy to make the 7-hour bus ride from Southeastern Tanzania to Dar Es Salaam for urgent, life-saving surgery.  It was all they could do to get there. They could not leave after surgery because they simply didn’t have another $10 to travel home.

We hike this September so Mending Kids can continue to offer critical surgical care to children in need all over the world, including in the USA. Every step you take with us, you take with them in spirit. By hiking and obtaining donors to support your journey, you raise awareness and understanding of their struggle, and help Mending Kids see these families return home with mended children and healthy futures.

Joel's aunt, hitchhiked for a week to make the 700 mile trip from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam so that her recently orphaned nephew could receive the life-saving cardiac surgery that he needed. They arrived on 4th day of a 5-day surgical week. The schedule was full. Rather than turn him away, the Mending Kids team operated an extra day and scheduled him for the Saturday, so that her efforts to save him would not be in vain.

Erber's mom traveled from their remote village, on foot & for hours with Erber in tow and his little brother carried on her back, to get to a road, where they waited and eventually hitchhiked to a town, where they eventually got on a long bus ride to Guatemala City and eventually to Mending Kids where we were holding a general surgery mission on the hope that he would receive the surgical care that he needed.


September 8th, 2019
8 am - 11 am


Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park
3600 Reseda Blvd,
Tarzana, CA 91356

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